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*Please make use of the albums or hit the browse button. Thank you XD*



A message from DJ:

"Now bladers, Remember to read the rules

Beyfamily Members, supporters, sponsors, fans, fanatics, watchers and passers-by,

Be on patrol!

Remind other deviants not to use any of the beyfamily avatars

Tell them NOT TO EDIT them

The use of the avatars without permission is disrespect to both the Beyfamily and the creator of these avatars

Kindly remember NETIQUETTE and your morals.


May a thousand images of Sailor R and friends haunt thy imagination and bother your conscience to turn away from the dark forces of plagiarism and give back what is stolen and stop your copying!

Thank you and LET IT RIP!!!"



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SlumberPoppy's Profile Picture
Forgive my novellic texts.
Artist | Student | Varied

Hey there!
Call me "Slumberpoppy" or "Poppy" or "Viii"!
Don't call me by my real name online if you know me!


:bulletblack: Filipino/Beyblader/Political Science Student/Painter/CGArtist/Cosplayer

STAMP: SlumberPoppy by SitraxisPoppy Stamp by KyubiKen
Thank you to Sitraxis and KyubiKen for the stamps! :O

BEYFANTASY story... It should be..... (either or, curious poll) 8Dd 

85 deviants said A GAME (VISUAL NOVEL or RPG with 1D graphics srry... but I prefer battles to be linear motion than FF style HAHA)
79 deviants said A MANGA (Prolly take longer tho but ya~)


Paypal Commissions are OPEN and ongoing BUT SLOTS ARE CURRENTLY FULL ~
Limited time and slots. Keep reading xD

Done with one! Finishing MariamTiarko's and I'm going to work on the next one xDd
There are three other requests on queue so it might take a while before I accept new orders--- : /
For those on the queue (you know who you are xD) Please wait for my pm about the payment 8Dd

NO BEYFANTASY OCs for Style C. They are allowed for Style A and B though xD

Style A:
1) -closed-

Style B and C:


1) NOTE ME HERE ON DEVIANTART. No orders through comments.

TAKE AND FILL OUT FORM: (elaboration-- keep reading~)

paypal: (need this to confirm that you sent the payment)
character name:
details: (Character's personality, height, etc. stuff you want?)

Price: x USD 

2) Choose a style: A, B, C
STYLE A: Quick Style

Headshot (May reach bust) [10 USD minimum]
Half Body (May run until the elbow to lower waist) [16 USD minimum] 

STYLE B: Painterly Style

Half Body [35 USD minimum]
Full Body [45 USD minimum]

STYLE C: Cel-shaded/Anime style

Half Body [40 USD minimum]
Full Body [50 USD minimum]
*NO BEYFANTASY OCs for STYLE C!!! Thank you xD

*minimum prices are listed. I may add 1-5 USD more depending on the complexity of the character's design. (I rarely add though unless armor/mecha etc.)
*Style A: Background all (any shade of) gray
*Styles B and C: Background (with color) of choice, otherwise gray or white
*WARNING: MOST LIKELY NO WIPs FOR STYLE A. Will try to send in WIPs for B and C (via twitter)
*WARNING: I have too much artistic freedom. I have a hard time with super duper specific stuff like (copy this exact pose etc.)
*I like doing B halfbody and A headshot best 8Dd

3) Give me which character you want me to draw. 

- I prefer OCs (can be anime-based OC) and Ragnarok Online characters 
- No fanarts this time
- single characters only this time (NO COUPLES!)
- No yaoi/yuri/R-18. Keep it mild or PG-13
- I do not like mecha/anthro. But try your luck
- I can tolerate armor, but will most likely put extra charge

4) I will reply

5) If everything is clear, you will send the payment through paypal (2/3 downpayment or full for Styles B and C. Style A: Pay in full.)

6) When I receive the payment, I will draw and send you your drawing. No payment, no drawing. I will most likely post my works from Styles B and C as a deviation. I will  note you your order. You will receive a drawing version no smaller than 800x800 pixels with a small watermark link.

7) Happy 8D/

Again, NOTE ME and I am pretty flexible so if you have something in mind, we can negotiate something a liiiittle out of the box... a little 8Dd
OH! anddd Style C/Cel-shaded always takes me FOREVER you'd need patience as great as the wall of China. I do Styles B and A quicker xD Style A can take one sitting xDd


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Poki-art Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
come back ;_;
MadelineCG Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2015  New member
Hello ^0^/

I am new to deviant!!

did you do your gifs beyblade characters? They are very cute I really like I would like one of Kyoya is my favorite character >w<
Poki-art Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome to deviantart :) about these beyblafe gifs - they were all made by :iconslumberpoppy: a few years ago, and they could be used ONLY for the people who assigned for them. Since the icon family is kind of dead, and most of the people were eaten away by everyday life, there isnt much action withing this family anymore... But you should still ask for permission when using this avatar. :D well, if the person who was using it in the first place was still active, they would probably give up on it and there would be zero problem with you getting their place - since as i said the community is kinda dead now. yeah... not much more to say in this topic.
just have fun around dA :)
MadelineCG Featured By Owner Edited Feb 17, 2015  New member
I see, hope and let me use it because I like it >w<

and how I can do to put me to me to use this avatar?
I noticed that you have it and stand it no longer uses his deviant D:

and thank you very much!!

and thanks for letting me know Huggle! 
Poki-art Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you see, i dont think anyone would care that much about this issue anymore xD most of the people just went inactive. so i think just feel free to use this avatar, and maybe once it all resurrects, then you could do anything. but not now xD
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