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STAMP! Q's .... for your entertaintment XD

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 13, 2010, 1:42 AM


DJ wants to open the registration NOW

I do not approve NOW

So give me all the blame for the wait ROFL

Sorry, sorry... sorry

The daily bLAH--- NOW and TODAY

First of all, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH :iconsitraxis:
for this!!!

STAMP: SlumberPoppy by Sitraxis

That was uber unexpected XD
She's one of my greatest friends ever in life, really XD

Thanks for all the support and I couldn't have designed the school's mascot without all my friends there.

They're my main inspiration *_*

Next, our classes have already ended YUPI!!!
Yeah, I'm graduating from High School but I still have unfinished business before graduation... like..... drawings and donations for the school....

Here's some Q&A about me to keep you guys entertained... while I'm still fixing some stuff

1) Who's your favorite character in the whole animeverse?

-Mimi Tachikawa from Digimon. This is because I can kinda relate to her when I was young and we are kind of similar in a way. I admit I'm spoiled ROFL, but I don't want to be a BRAT. One can be spoiled without being a brat :P I like her Digimon too. And NO, I do not agree with her being stupid. Do not believe the bios, really. The american dub emphasizes on her ditzy nature, but she's a 10 year old, duh!!! If you watch the original/Japanese version, she ain't "stupid".

2) Who in the whole animeverse has about the same personality as you?

-Zoe Orimoto from Digimon. As stated by some people, my sister and my approval. We are almost exactly like each other EXCEPT the fact that she's violent and I'm not really @_@

3)So your favorite female anime character's already Mimi. Who's your favorite male character in the whole animeverse?

-I guess it's obviously hands down to Olivier Boulanger from Beyblade. I dunno, I like his personality and I don't mind his flaws. One of the things I like about him is that he's talented, intelligent and can cook. Kudos to being multitalented!--- nice.

4) Who's your first, as they call it, "Bishie"? ---First guy character who made you go <3

-Kurama/Suichi Minamino from Yu Yu Hakusho. Hahaha! He's all that, and he turns into a cute fox. I also love plants so... XD I remember I always waited for it to air during 6:30 pm on TV, and I would go teary eyed when he gets hurt. Boo hoo. ... I was 5-7 years old XD

5) Who's the first female anime character you idolized? Became a favorite?

-Mizuno Ami aka. Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon. Smart, sweet and has the color blue. I like her and I would always experiment with my clothes to "cosplay" her when I was 3-5 years old. I also drew her everyday (ROFL, Cosplay/Drawing hint hint) Then came Sailor Neptune, which is currently my all-time fave in the anime :P

6) Which shows/anime kept you drawing? Made you start drawing?
-Sailor Moon. Every after show, I'd draw according to my memory. Then I would keep my sketch so I can watch the next episode and see what I drew wrong. I also once drew disney style--- cartoon XD, Digimon (skinny) style, Pokemon (thin eye) style, and tried realism when I was 11-12 years old--- then I got tired of it XD Beyblade put a stop to my "skinny characters" sketches as I "struggled" to draw Ray--- you know how "chubby" or like... "normal" the beyblade characters look in season 1 XD Naruto made me take care of my drawing of anatomy and proportion.

7) Disney? Who's your favorite disney character?

-MULAN. I can relate and she's uber cool--- nuff said. Despite my being Chinese, I don't really go for the super traditional conservative that it will hinder you from your dreams and all... not to mention discrimination. Aaaand, I won this singing contest wherein I sang "Reflection" and wore her exact costume. "Reflection" has been my signature song.

8) Let's talk about songs. What is your favorite song?
-"If we hold on together"… from Land Before Time. My mother would always sing me to sleep with this, and when I am sad, she would sing this to me. It has been our song ever since and there was never a time I didn't cry when I hear this song DX I also like "Melodies of Life" from FF9

9) Alright--- let's move on to games. Who's your favorite game character?

-My number one goes to Aerith Gainsborough froim FF7. When I was a kid, some of my classmates would find me weird and they are sometimes bothered when I try to be nice or something... I dunno. I saw Aerith and I thought that maybe nothing's wrong with continuing to be nice, no matter how people will call you weird. The flowers are a plus. I also try to hold on to my faith, no matter what happens through the years. I guess my faith is the reason for my optimism and "fresh outlook in life"? --- quoted by my parents, relatives and friends... they all said that :P

10) Favorite guy game character?
-Bakuryu/Kakeru/Kenji from Bloody Roar--- yeah he has a lot of names @_@ I tried disliking him-- didn't work. I can't ignore him either. In short, 0% resistance ROFL so that makes him...? XD He also transforms into a cute furry animal *_*

11) Let's move on to the most disliked character...

-Yuufa from Ragnarok the Animation.... period. Don't let that average anime face fool you. Next question.

12) Oookay... favorite anime?
-Digimon tied with Beyblade, I guess? Also Remy, nobody's girl... still looking for a download of that T_T

13) Favorite game?
-This is hard. FF7. FF9 too... fighting game: Bloody Roar despite it being less flashy than others like Tekken, Street Fighter etc. I also like Bust a Move/Groove--- the dancing game that I will NEVER get sick of playing. I also never get sick of playing Tales of the Abyss

14) Cosplay! Who's the character you'd really REALLY cosplay?

-Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss. People's votes and my approval state I'm her twin ROFL. I could also try cosplaying Temari...It started when I was imitating her signature smile and putting my pic beside hers... it was... a freaky carbon copy-ish :O (notice the characters' faces too ROFL)

15) Crossplay? Who's the guy character you'd cosplay?

-First of all, it's not my thing to crossplay since... I CAN'T --- you know why anyways. But there IS a GUY character I WOULD cosplay... that would be Ray from Beyblade. I dunno, but I don't mind. I also usually go to competitions before with his tao band XD And yes, I'd cosplay his SEASON 1

16) Who's the character you'd want to cosplay, but "can't"?

-I have Aerith from Final Fantasy 7 AND Ino Yamanaka from Naruto. I like them both, though Ino's not really a favorite-favorite but I'd like to cosplay her. I don't look like  either of them... D: I don't look western--- I could only fix my Chinese-Filipino face to look either Asia-Russian or Middle-Eastern... fixing myself to look Mid-East is already hard enough, what more American? XD
I haven't thought about it but... I wish I could pull off Shino

I hope

17) Give the "unforgettable" character in the whole anime/gameverse?

-Hahaha! UNFORGETTABLE? I'd give Atoli from .hack//G.U.


Watch this... this was the turn of the century!!! The reason for this!!!…

But to feel it... play the game
.hack//G.U. vol. 1

"Atoli is a pacifist and is seen as very naive. She sees The World as being more like an alternate reality instead of just an online game. She is deeply devoted to helping others and can't understand why everybody can't just get along and enjoy the game together.

However, underneath the facade she puts on in The World, she is actually a very depressed teenager. She was once a social outcast who didn't fit in with anyone and was subsequently rejected by her so called friends.

During middle school, she was bullied frequently. Her parents harassed her about her failing grades, her attitude (they believed girls should be quiet), and her decision to wear designer clothing one day. This led to her shutting herself in her room and browsing suicide websites, which is where she met Sakaki, who befriended her.

Chigusa also bears several marks on her left wrists from, thankfully, failed suicide attempts. After playing The World and meeting Haseo, she has stopped attempting to end her life. "

You know the general statement "She's nice, but she's soooo annoying!!! Let's avoid her... ARRRGH! SHE'S SO ANNOYING!" I realized how utterly POINTLESS that statement was.I kinda broke away from that statement which led me to saying...

"I don't get people"

Really. I mean, Atoli may not be perfect, but she's trying to be nice and trying to help people. But what do people do? They push her away. Sometimes they even call her socially clueless... so HOW WOULD SHE LEARN? If they'd just push her away? I dunno. People go "I want a nice friend/person." but then they would go "she's nice, I know she has good intentions, but the way she speaks and acts, it's just plain annoying!" ---UTTERLY pointless. Also, if people would always backstab these kinds of people, then it would become a mentality--- the mentality of "She's nice but annoying so let's all avoid her." Why can't we accept people for who they are? If people would stay "normal" and "perfect" then eveyone would be the SAME :P

Sorry, I got overboard. That's what emo journals are for anyway right? Stating how you "don't get" people ROFL

Think people, think. Instead of focusing on the annoying points, look at the good points and their intentions. =_=

Even the people who curse paragraphs, violent hotheads, "I'm uber kawaii-desu tomodachi kireii onna-desu-desu", shopping-is-my-life-liek-forever-liek-make-up-liek people may appear to be the greatest of friends if you'd seek out their positive traits. Even the dull have good intentions and something to say.

18) EMO!!! Are you emo?
-I'm not emo, as stated with my optimist attidue and some outlook in life. And people with the wildest imagination can never imagine me emo... I was thinking of fiximg myself to look emo for the heck of it HAHAHA!!! Even you watchers and deviants can't imagine me emo right??? XD

19) Annoys... what annoys you at the moment?
Let me start with this... I watched Tim Burton's Alice and I LOVED IT. I watched the cartoon Alice before--- I loved it too!!! I love the whole Alice/Through the Looking Glass blah thing.

What annoys me at the moment?

Opening dA and seeing some thumbnail with a blonde haired girl and some creature with two long ears beside. Topping it off with a man wearing a hat.

Opening dA once again and seeing people in that  blonde hair and blue dress with some other person in a hat.

Opening dA and seeing the front page full of clocks with rabbits and a blonde haired girl and that man... with a different colored hat.


The thing is, there are other great stories out there but they're focusing on this... thing. @_@

I dunno, the overexposure is annoying--- even more annoying than the continuous appearance of that blonde ninja in an orange jacket since we see him in different accesories and poses

This, THIS it's all the same... SAAAAME
Tea parties, running on a checkerboard. Tea parties and tea parties...

Search, Observe

The thing that makes it annoying is the sameness --- SAME SAME SAME
Like copying the same concept with the characters in different costume and different style

Who's stopping you from drawing Alice in Wonderland?
Oh don't mind me--- no sarcasm included

That's what journals are for anyway
Pointless ranting XD

20) What would always be your message to others/ general "words of wisdom" to a random person? ROFL
-"Believe in yourself and in you talents." So what if you think you're not good enough? It's like keeping a sprout in the cabinet instead of keeping it under the sunlight. That's why you learn. You just do it and see what's missing or what's wrong with your work. If you keep your talents and skills inside, nothing will happen. You'd even miss out opportunities and experiences.

So what if people will call you weird? We are all unique. It's you, what can we do? Quoted from a movie "You must be mad... but don't worry, the best ones are" Hahaha, look at our masters, our geniuses. They're all "mad" however, what exactly is "mad"? it's a relative statement. People with unusual ideas are called "mad" but I don't find them "mad" so it's RELATIVE. The next time someone calls you weird and mad, ask them why and tell them it's relative. Finish it off by telling them that they are weird in their own waylolzkidding.

There will be nothing unless you try. I mean, there's an artist in EVERYONE. yeap, even those who can't draw a perfect stick person. It's all about being fearless and showing what you've got. Again, if all people will try to be "normal" and just let the waves of out generation sculpt them into what others want them to be, then everyone will be the same.

So go ahead and draw that not-so-Naruto Naruto fanart. Or that girly looking Sasuke. Or that manly-legged Sailor Moon you call. Then check where you went wrong and try again.

Try typing that OCxSasuke/Kai/Itachi/Cloud/Insert popular character. We have that freedom of expression and it's our "side-story" or something or our predictions that add op to the character. Besides, we call it "fanfiction" anyway, not "the hidden canon" or "behind-the-scenes of the character" I honestly say that I am not for OCxCharacter, but I am for the freedom of fiction ROFL

That's life

------------Notice my mood swings in this journal

I miss you all
I'll be back :D


25 expressions of Johnny by I-Am-Bleu
H- Zeo by Methanoos Teamwork by SipsiNekku
:thumb156739176: Snack time by SipsiNekku
Here is Johnny by I-Am-Bleu Kai Hiwatari season 1 by Trunksgal
Beyblade Rei Kong by K177y

Not to forget

:bulletpink: More school mascot designs
:bulletpink: Paintings.... and paintings....
:bulletpink: School art donations... before I graduate and leave T_T
:bulletpink: Confirm my college :D
:bulletpink: Beyfamily Dark Bladers/MFB

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Haya-dono Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I enjoyed reading your journal, it was quite interesting. And ranting is fun and it helps a lot. <3 Your words of wisdom are quite good to all artists and people who want to give up.

And, personally, Atoli is my favorite female character in video games. I loved seeing how she grew during the three games, going for a depressed, troubled person to someone much mentally and emotionally stronger, who takes responsibility of her actions.

And I actually want to copy and do this, but that would be cheap
SlumberPoppy Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Student General Artist
No prob, go and answer the questions too XD XD XD


I still kinda dislike Atoli for the sake of "character type" but I like how she grew :D

Shino's still the best
Alkaid too

I'm fine with Haseo and Shino or Alkaid
I don't mind Haseoli but... their relationship is TOO yin and yang...
Haseo will end up abusing her while Atoli will end up as his slave, which is bad :/

Shino's alright for Haseo except that it's like they're not really interested

Alkaid will never ever leave Haseo though
Haya-dono Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nah, for me Atoli is the best. Alkaid's cool and all that, Shino as well, but the one that had more voice and left a stronger impression was Atoli. At first their relationship is too ying and yang, but both grew up. Haseo left the jerkass attitude and Atoli slowed down on her Love freak antic. I understand Alkaid is more popular due to her Tsundere-like attitude and Shino is the mysterious type, but I think that the one that was with Haseo the most and the one who tried to help him the most was Atoli. And I don't see it as an abusive relationship. (Now, Sakura and Sasuke, that's some abusive and depressing one >_< )

I'll do it, but... it'll lack pictures :/
Stupid requirements that make me need some Premium membership >_>
SlumberPoppy Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010  Student General Artist
Yeah, I guess
Maybe I was dwelling too much on that STUPID Trilogy movie XD

But when they will argue, they'll still go as yin and yang
Tendencies @_@

Funny thing is, I found out about Alkaid's popularity after I finished the 3 volumes!
Behold! The playing of PS2 when there's no internet!!!

I think Alkaid will do, did you see haseo hug her? ROFL and he even cried on her

uh..... ShinoxOvan? XD
Haya-dono Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Trilogy movie is not that good. I only liked it for the Haseoli fanservice, but it was relatively Meh.

XDDD I didn't know about her popularity as well before playing the games. Though I had a fair idea of it because of her character type.

ShinoXOvan is okay. I didn't really care about Shino. Though seriously, Ovan was more worried about his sister than anyone, which I thought didn't give a lot of hope for the ShinoXOvan fans. xD
SlumberPoppy Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010  Student General Artist
The movie was like, 1% sticking to the game/plot and 99% a made up fanfic
Haseo didn't really mind Atoli as much as any lead guy would mind leading lady

Yeah, Ovan was just so................. old-ish? XD
Like you can't imagine him undergoing that teen puppy love XD XD XD
Haya-dono Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Finally did it. xD
I should stop procrastinating. :/

Still, I can't deny that the hug made me go "YES!" XD
Ovan is too old, which is good because Shino would need someone mature. But she apparently had the mature, too-interested-in-his-sister guy. :/
Pippanaffie Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010

WOO. RANTING IS THE BEST. You feel so much better after~

right, Illie?
dearyuki Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Student General Artist
*supports*! o Ao
Sitraxis Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome, Poppy-sama. 8D

"Believe in yourself and in you talents." So what if you think you're not good enough? It's like keeping a sprout in the cabinet instead of keeping it under the sunlight. That's why you learn. You just do it and see what's missing or what's wrong with your work. If you keep your talents and skills inside, nothing will happen. You'd even miss out opportunities and experiences.

Such words of wisdom.Hmm... that is what I AM TRYING to do. 8D
SlumberPoppy Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Student General Artist
Sitraxis Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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